A CHARITY which aims to provide support to vulnerable families in Newport has had to find a new home due to a planned school expansion.

Duffryn Community Link was established to combat poverty and social inclusion, as well as improving wellbeing and living conditions for people in the Tredegar Park area in Newport.

The charity – which employs 26 members of staff and is supported by volunteers – has been based at the Forest Family Centre on the site of Tredegar Park Primary School, but will now see some of its services moved to a new home.

“After much consultation, Newport City Council has given notice to Duffryn Community Link,” read a statement from the charity.

“As of May 31, Duffryn Community Link, for the most part, will be relocating.”

Most of the charity’s services will be moving to its new home, at units five and six at Duffryn Shopping Centre.

These include the community café, which will close on Friday, May 26.

The charity’s childcare provisions – including the Sunflower Tots playgroup and Pili Pala breakfast club and after school club – will be staying at the Forest Family Centre, although there will be some changes to where these are held.

“Despite these changes, we will always be here to offer comprehensive help and support to our local community,” said a Duffryn Community Link spokesperson.

“Our long-term aim is to establish a full-scale community base to deliver a comprehensive range of services within the community.”

Last week, staff at Duffryn Community Link told the Argus of the impact of the cost-of-living crisis, with young people coming to them “starving” after “getting home to no food”.

On Friday, a letter was sent to parents at Tredegar Park Primary School outlining the initial plans for the school.

“We have been advised that we will be expanding so that there is more room to accommodate local children,” headteacher Jenny Thomas said.

“This is possible after discussions between the council and Duffryn Community Link, who have agreed to move some of its community-based services to two units in Duffryn.

“This will mean that community services are still very much part of the community, whilst childcare services offered by Duffryn Community Link (Breakfast Club, After School Club, Holiday Club and Wraparound Sessions) continue to operate from within the current Forest Family Centre - so good news all round.

“We would like to thank Duffryn Community Link for helping us make this possible.”