NEWPORT is a city that's "welcoming" city that's "dynamic and never disjointed".

That's according to computer program ChatGPT, a chatbot which has been taking the world of technology by storm.  

ChatGPT uses artificial intelligence to answer questions and respond to queries in text form, in a way that sounds natural and human.

Built by US firm OpenAI, it uses information from the internet to carry out requests and has been trained on back-and-forth conversations so it is capable of understanding follow-up questions, admitting its own mistakes and limitations, and rejecting inappropriate requests.

Although chatbot technology like this is not new, ChatGPT is rare in that it was made widely available for the public to use and experiment with.

Here's what the chatbot came up with when we asked it to write a poem about Newport: 

In Newport town, by the river's flow

Where history meets modernity, and the past still glows

The streets are alive with a rhythm and beat

That pulses through the city's heart and feet


The old docks, now a bustling marina

Where boats bob and sway to the tidal arena

A testament to the city's industrial past

And a gateway to adventure that will forever last


The clock tower, a symbol of civic pride

A landmark that towers over the city's side

Its chimes echoing through the streets at night

Guiding the way for those in sight


And then there's the famous transporter bridge

A soaring structure, the city's crowning ridge

Its mighty span carrying traffic on high

A tribute to Newport's engineering might


But Newport is more than just a historic town

Its people are what make it shine and renowned

With a warmth and humor that's all their own

Welcoming visitors with open arms that have grown


So come and visit Newport, you won't be disappointed

For it's a city that's dynamic and never disjointed

Full of surprises and a charm all its own

A place that's welcoming, and a city that's grown.

Many experts believe the ultimate goal of chatbots is for use as the next generation of search engine.

The idea is that a truly powerful chatbot would be able to take the type of request entered into a search engine today and return a single definitive answer, rather than the pages of web links we currently see.

But if our readers' response to the Newport poem is anything to go by, it hasn't quite yet reached perfection.

Our Facebook followers judged the poem harshly, arguing the river should instead have been described as "muddy brown", and that ChatGPT must have been writing "about another Newport in the UK, definitely not us".