AFTER a sell-out tour last year, Gordon Buchanan is heading back on the road - and one of his stops will be Newport.

One of the most prominent wildlife presenters and filmmakers working today, Mr Buchanan's journey is a remarkable story to tell.

Having produced some of the most popular wildlife programmes on the BBC, we have been able to see his passion for the animal kingdom and the unique ability he has for presenting such hidden animal worlds to an audience.

Mr Buchanan will be taking a look back at his incredible 30 years working both behind and in front of the camera. This will be a rare opportunity to discover what has driven his career and what are his most favourite wildlife encounters.

Gordon Buchanan has a reputation for relishing dangerous and tough assignments.

He has taken part in challenging expeditions and adventures around the globe including South America, Asia, Africa, Papua New Guinea, Russia and Alaska, always with a view to raising awareness of the fragility of the world’s endangered species and habitats.

Mr Buchanan has been a firm favourite on our screens for well over a decade.

Animals with Cameras (BBC Two) series two came to our screens in 2021 following the success of the first series in 2018. A fresh perspective to filmmaking with specially designed on-board animal cameras to gain an unprecedented insight into their secret lives and help scientists better protect wildlife in the future.

Mr Buchanan has also presented the Family & Me series since it began in 2016 with Elephant Family & Me, and has since presented Cheetah Family, Snow Cats and Me, Gorilla Family & Me, Snow Wolf Family & Me, Reindeer Family & Me as well as The Polar Bear Family & Me and The Bear Family & Me for which he received a Royal Television Society award for his presenting work.

Mr Buchanan is performing at the Riverfront in Newport on Saturday, March 18.