"WHAT we need is the world to know what the people are going through."

In a heart-breaking interview, Mehmet Yildiz, director of Keyif Turkish restaurant on Penarth’s Glebe Street, gives a frank and honest insight of what him and his family have gone through after the tragic earthquake in Turkey.

His restaurant recently donated the proceeds of one day’s trade to the relief effort in the disaster zone.

Mehmet is originally from Yaylica, near the city of Antakya in the region of Hatay, southern Turkey.

He described in harrowing detail how every family he knows has lost someone due to the earthquake.

Mehmet knows 15 people who died in his village including his best friend who lost his two sons.

Mehmet has been sent pictures from home showing buildings which have fallen “like sandwiches”, with people trapped in the rubble and no help available.

Mehmet says it is hard to even imagine the state of the devastation.

“The earthquake happened at 4am when everyone was in their homes sleeping,” said Mehmet who was visibly agitated when we met in Keyif.

“I see Facebook and they say this family is gone, that family is gone, it is unbelievable.

"One hundred thousand buildings collapsed at the same time like sandwiches. Could you imagine if Cardiff was just flattened right now and no one is left there. Could you imagine?”

South Wales Argus:

(Photos Mehmet had from the city of Antakya)

South Wales Argus:

(Photos Mehmet had from the city of Antakya)

Mehmet was furious at the Turkish Government, saying they have done little to help people who are left stranded.

He described how he wants to return home, but his family say there is no point as Mehmet will be unable to do anything.

“Some have lost hope. This is what I am worried about,” said Mehmet, his eyes darting with worry as he looked through his phone at the photos of destruction.

“If they have support, food, hot showers, shelter, toiletries, then people will survive, but they need help.”

It’s estimated the disaster has killed 44,000 people in Turkey and Syria with tens of thousands more left homeless.

South Wales Argus:

(Mehmet says it is hard to comprehend what has happened)

South Wales Argus:

(Mehmet is from the region of Hatay in southern Turkey)

The future has to be faced for everyone, even the Turkish who look to the horizon with all their possessions gone.

“The future is a big question mark,” said Mehmet. “The town is gone. People are worried and scared. They can rebuild the city, but it will never be the same. Every family has lost someone. It is going to take years to heal.”

And what do they need, we asked Mehmet?

“What we need is support from the world and for the world to know what the people are going through right now.”

The British Redcross has a section of their website dedicated to the crisis. For help and to offer support, click here.