STAFF of a Wrexham nightclub were left in stitches when they discovered what was inside a handbag handed in to lost and found.

A member of staff at Atik came across something quite unusual when she took a look inside.

In a video posted to the nightclub's TikTok account, the staff member says she had been planning to check the bag for some ID so that she could return it to its owner.

But, instead, she found that the bag was full of CHIPS!

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It seems one club-goer couldn't wait until the night's end to head for a takeaway treat.

In the video, the female member of staff at Atik says: "Okay so someone just handed this cute little bag into the bar. So I thought I’d have a little look and see if there's an ID in there or anything like that and it's just full of chips."

You can watch the video here ...

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Many TikTok users hailed the move as 'genius' in the video's comments section while several others cheekily claimed it was their bag.