YOUNGSTERS across Gwent got all dressed up yesterday to celebrate St David's Day.

Here is a selection of pictures which were sent in to us.

We will be publishing another selection in the paper on Friday.

And you can send in your own pictures by clicking here, or through the box at the bottom of this article.

South Wales Argus: Millie Madden, 5 (left)
Olly madden, 2 (right)
All dressed up ready for school and playgroup

Milly Madden, five, and brother Olly, two, are all dressed up for school and playgroup.

South Wales Argus: Darcy Washbrook celebrating at home due to having chickenpox ?gbwls?

Darcy Washbrook has chickenpox - but that hasn't stopped her celebrating St David's Day at home!

South Wales Argus: Emily age 9. All ready to celebrate St David's day in school as Welsh footballer.

Emily, aged nine, is showing her true colours at school today.

South Wales Argus: Lily-Mai, 6 (left) Darciella, 3 (right) 
Ready For St Davids Day At School & Playgroup x

Lily-Mai, six, (left), and Darciella, three, (right), ready for St David's Day at school and playgroup.

South Wales Argus: Ella-rose age 7 and Reggie age 3 
Exctied to celebrate St David's day at school and nursery

Ella-Rose, seven, and Reggie, three, all dressed up for St David's Day.

South Wales Argus: Willow mulligan welsh lady, st David's day 2023?gbwls

Willow Mulligan is dressed up as a little Welsh lady.

South Wales Argus: Ruby Brooker
Age 3

Ruby Brooker, aged three, with a massive bouquet of Welsh daffs.

South Wales Argus: Millie Erickson age 7

Millie Erickson, seven, in her St David's Day costume.

South Wales Argus: Franco White age 1

One-year-old Franco White is getting into the spirit.

South Wales Argus: George White age 2

...and so is two-year-old George White!