Sky customers who are currently paying for a Sky Stream plan have been warned to check the small print of their contract to avoid being charged a fee, according to reports.

Until recently, anyone who owned a Sky Stream (the company’s streaming box) owned the device.

However, according to the Daily Record, a change in terms and conditions now means that at the end of your contract, Sky can ask for the Stream device to be returned.

This means customers could be charged if the little black box isn’t returned to Sky, even if it's been lost or stolen - opening customers up to a non-return charge of an unspecified amount, reports The Mirror.

As reported by Cordbusters, the change, which went into effect on February 23, is a change from the previous policy which meant anyone with a Sky Stream plan automatically owned the mini-TV viewing device. Anyone ordering Sky Stream after the date will be affected.

On the Sky website, the policy is explained as: "You’ll be charged a non-return charge for any equipment that’s not returned to us, including if you’ve lost your equipment or if it’s been stolen."

However, it should be noted that the policy isn't new to Sky as most Sky Q users also rent their box rather than own it.

Sky says: "Sky Q boxes are loaned equipment supplied to you at no cost and remain the property of Sky (or another Sky group company) at all times."

South Wales Argus: Sky Stream was launched in October 2022Sky Stream was launched in October 2022 (Image: Canva)

What is Sky Stream?

Sky Stream launched towards the end of last year (October 2022) and is a small black box that allows you to watch quality TV without a satellite dish being attached to a wall.

Sky Stream includes Sky Entertainment and shows not on Freeview as well as Sky Sports, Cinema and Kids.

It’s designed to be self-installed so there is no need to wait for an engineer.

On the home screen, other TV streaming apps such as Netflix, Prime Video and Apple TV+ will be available.

Although Stream doesn't have a physical hard drive for recordings, content can be stored in the new 'playlists' section which uses the cloud to store the most viewed things.

Other extras include a backlit remote control, full live TV listings and a compact size that makes it easy to keep under the television.

Sky Stream starts from £26 per month for 18 months or there is an option to pay more for a longer contract.

Sky's £26 plan gives you the option to cancel at any time due to a 31-day rolling contract.