WORK will be ongoing until the end of the month after hundreds of residents in Newport were left without hot water again last week.

A new leak – similar to that which left hundreds of homes in Duffryn without heating or hot water last month – was discovered on Sandpiper Way on Tuesday, March 7.

Newport City Homes said that this new leak was not affecting heating and hot water supplies at the time, and that it would be “carefully monitoring” this as repair work was undertaken.

The housing provider later added that more work needed to be done “to improve the resilience of the network, and we will continue to work on this”.

South Wales Argus: Newport City Homes work to fix the previous leak.Newport City Homes work to fix the previous leak. (Image: Picture: Robert Nurden)

Newport City Homes has now given more details on what work is taking place, and how long residents will be affected by it.

A Newport City Homes spokesperson said: “We’ll be visiting some homes which have a piece of equipment called a ‘riser’ close to their driveway. This is a piece of pipework which supports a number of other homes across the estate.  

“Our contractor, Rapid Energy, will make some changes to this riser so that in the event of a significant leak, we can attach a temporary heating solution to restore supplies across the estate. 

“Because each riser supports a number of homes, you might see a short disruption to your supply when we work on the riser connected to your home. This will be a one-off disruption and will last for one or two hours. This work will be carried out between 10.30am and 4pm during the week, to minimise disruption.”  

The dates in which homes will be affected by the works are as follows:

  • Friday, March 17: 21-56 Cormorant Way, 57-80 Cormorant Way;
  • Monday, March 20: 90-107 Cormorant Way, 1-35 Heron Way;
  • Tuesday, March 21: 13-55 Kestrel Way, 56-84 Kestrel Way;
  • Wednesday, March 22: 1-36 Mallard Way;
  • Thursday, March 23: 37-55 Mallard Way, 1-28 Partridge Way;
  • Friday, March 24: 29-106 Partridge Way;
  • Monday, March 27: 107-134 Partridge Way, 1-35 Sandpiper Way;
  • Tuesday, March 28: 36 - 123 Sandpiper Way;
  • Wednesday, March 29: 1-72 Swallow Way;
  • Thursday, March 30: 73-94 Swallow Way, 1-198 Woodside;
  • Friday, March 31: 1-15 Kingfisher Place, 1-12 Kestrel Way.