WITH the price of basic fresh foods like apples and pears rising amid the cost of living crisis, experts have revealed one clever way to lower the cost of your weekly shop. 

The experts have recommended growing your own fruit by planting suitable trees in your garden. 

This comes amid a huge price reduction in the price of fruit trees, meaning there is no better time to get started on your home-grown food journey. 

The deal on fruit trees is an excellent offer with the cost of each of these now being below £5. 

South Wales Argus: (Canva) Each of the YouGarden trees on offer cost under £5(Canva) Each of the YouGarden trees on offer cost under £5 (Image: Canva)

With this, the experts over at YouGarden have set out some tips for growing your own fruit. 

What kind of trees can you buy in the major YouGarden sale?  

The trees on offer are 75% lower than their usual price with each item previously costing £19.99.  

This means now is the best time to get in on the action and start growing you own fruit!  

With that said, here are the trees on offer: 

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Experts share some handy tricks for growing your very own fruit trees  

There is nothing better than enjoying the fruits of your labour which is why having your very own fruit trees is something many want.  

Thankfully, you don’t have to be an expert gardener to grow your own fruit with the experts over at YouGarden more than happy to provide some tips and tricks.  

Once your apple or pear trees have settled in, they require very little care with only the occasional watering needed during dry spells.  

In early spring, it is a good time to start sprinkling some fertiliser around the base of your tree.  

To ensure your trees are at their best, it is advised that your prune your apple or pear trees with the timing of this dependent on the type of tree. 

Plum trees also need additional help with the fruit needing to be thinned to ease congestion and weight. 

South Wales Argus: (Canva) Cherry trees benefit from being covered in a nylon mesh or netting(Canva) Cherry trees benefit from being covered in a nylon mesh or netting (Image: Canva)

Your bounty of plums can also be increased by regular feeding and watering as the crop itself is very heavy. 

Once a tree is established, it can be mulched in mid-spring to help retain the soil moisture, supress weeds and provide nitrogen to the tree. 

Pruning is another task that should be carried out in spring or summer with the experts advising that you avoid doing this during the tree’s dormant season or in mid to late autumn. 

Finally, cherry trees benefit from being covered in a nylon mesh or netting as this prevents birds or other pests from stealing the fruit. 

If you have grown these in pots, make sure you water them well. You should also prune young cherry trees during their winter dormancy to shape them into an open centre or centre leader shape.