At a unique hotel in North Wales, Alex Jones and her team give people a once-in-a-lifetime chance to be reunited with someone pivotal from their past.

Whether people want forgiveness, to say thank you, or get answers they’ve wanted for years, everyone has an experience that changes their lives.

Sarah Wrigley (77), Linda Galliford (74), Marie Turner (74) and Maggie formed girl group The Fabs in 1963, and despite having a lengthy career, they never made it big due to a preference of male groups at the time.

Wales’ first all-girl group, The Fabs have come together 60 years after they formed in 1963 to be reunited with Swedish boyband the Moonlighters, who they made amazing memories with in the swinging 60s’ when they all became friends on tour.

The band toured for eight years and ‘the girls’ have all stayed in touch, with Maggie sadly being no longer with them.

In the late 1960’s, the girls went out to Mexico City to perform in a major new club, where they met the Moonlighters, a young Swedish boyband. They partied together, some of them even dated each other, and made amazing memories in the middle of the swinging 60’s before the Moonlighters returned to Sweden and The Fabs headed off to San Francisco.

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Reunion Hotel: Photo BBC

The Fabs are reunited with the Moonlighters on Reunion Hotel and talk about those special days.

Since dissolving The Moonlighters, their singer, Lasse Holm, has had amazing success, including being part of five Eurovision winning songs and hosting his own TV shows.

Reunion Hotel, Thursday 13 April at 8pm on BBC Two, BBC One Wales and iPlayer.

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