THE COST of a sculpture which has been ridiculed by locals due to looking like a "giant baked potato" has been revealed by the council.

The art installation, placed in Chepstow to commemorate 10 years of the Wales coastal path, has received widespread derision after it was pointed out that it resembled a "giant baked potato".

The sculpture was unveiled as part of celebrations marking the 10th anniversary of the Wales Coast Path on Monday, March 27.

Television presenter Iolo Williams was one of the guests of honour, along with former National Poet of Wales, Ifor ap Glyn.

The sculpture, designed to resemble a pebble, was created by artist Michael Johnson. It also incorporates part of Ifor ap Glyn’s poem.

Locals quickly noticed, though, that the piece bore a striking resemblance to a tin foil-covered lunchtime snack.

South Wales Argus:

Now, Monmouthshire County Council has revealed that the Chepstow Baked Potato set them back £6,000.

If we take a normal-sized baked potato to cost around £5, that equates to a veritable banquet of 1,200 baked potatoes. 

A council spokesperson said: “The funding for the Wales Coast Path Improvements was part of Welsh Government Access Improvement Grant, for Monmouthshire County Council and Flintshire County Council.

"The artwork cost £6,000 and was commissioned and paid for by Flintshire County Council.

"Monmouthshire County Council paid £6,000 out of its Access Improvement Grant to Flintshire County Council for this purpose.”

South Wales Argus:

The Chepstow Baked Potato has since become something of a laughing stock online.

Kylie Young said the baked potato was "embarrassing".

"Why is there a giant baked potato on the river bank? What has that got to do with Chepstow or the coast path?" she asked.

Matt Stait said: "Took a 20mph trip today to the mediocre baked potato to see where the raise in my council tax is going.

"I'm waiting for someone to smother it in baked beans."