IRON Age, Roman and post-Medieval artefacts found in Monmouthshire have today been confirmed as treasure.

Some of the Roman finds, experts believe, could suggest a previously undiscovered settlement in the area.

Four treasure finds, including an Iron Age vessel hoard, a Roman coin hoard and two silver artefacts from the 17th century date were declared treasure by assistant coroner for Gwent, Rose Farmer.

A hoard of Roman coins was discovered by Colin Price and Rhys Cadwallader between 2014 and 2022, while metal-detecting in a ploughed field in Caerwent.

These copper-alloy coins date to the late-third to late-fourth centuries AD.

South Wales Argus: Llantrisant bucket mounts

Llantrisant bucket mounts

They were found in the same field as Wales’s first hoard of Roman siliquae, a very late Roman silver coin type.

Together, these two hoards reveal intriguing insights into a newly discovered site dating from the very end of the Roman occupation of Britain.

Alastair Willis, senior curator of numismatics and the Welsh Economy at Museum Wales said: “The discovery of two coin-hoards in the same field and in the general vicinity of the Roman town at Caerwent, is exciting and significant.

"The results of the geophysical survey undertaken suggest the presence of a previously unknown settlement or religious site where the coin hoards were buried.”

A hoard of Iron Age and Roman vessels was discovered by Jon Matthews in March 2019 while metal-detecting on a field under pasture in Llantrisant.

South Wales Argus: Llantrisant bowl handle

Llantrisant bowl handle

After a follow-up investigation by staff from the Portable Antiquities Scheme in Wales (PAS Cymru) and Museum Wales, a total of two complete and six fragmentary vessels were recovered.

The remains of two coopered wooden tankards and an Iron Age bucket with copper alloy fittings; an Iron Age copper alloy bowl, cauldron and strainer; and two Roman copper alloy saucepans have been identified.

The vessels appear to have been buried as a group around the time of the Roman conquest, in the second half of the first century AD.

Mr Matthews, said: “I feel honoured to have found something so unique that is linked to Wales and our ancestors.

"The archaeologists I excavated the hoard with were a fantastic group of people and through our combined efforts we were able to learn so much from the finds.”

Also declared treasure were:

  • A post-medieval silver chape, discovered by Michael Evans in September 2021, while metal-detecting in a field under pasture in Grosmont.
  •  A post-medieval silver thimble, discovered by Luke Phillips in November 2020, while metal-detecting in a field under rough pasture in Mathern.