BARRY Island was buzzing yesterday for the first of May’s three bank holidays.

It’s only the very start of the summer season, but already “Barrybadoes” was awash with people as friends and family came out to enjoy the sand, sea and sunshine on May 1.

South Wales Argus:

Barry Island beach was packed

Yesterday, was the first of three bank holidays this month, count them, (three!) and it was lush!

The other bank holidays for the month include Whitsun on the last Monday of May, and an extra bank holiday on Monday, May 8, for the King’s coronation.

South Wales Argus:

Shops were heaving with people

May’s first bank holiday did not disappoint, with the mercury tipping 18 degrees in the sun, and, with little wind and clear blue skies, the people of Barry were out and about topping up their silky tans.

Families filled Barry Island beach sunbathing and even braving the sea, with many jumping in for a dip.

South Wales Argus:

May 1 was the first of three bank holidays this month

South Wales Argus:

People braved the sea!

Barry pleasure park was heaving, with people riding all the rides including the famous Aerospace – which propels people 200 feet in the air upside down.

South Wales Argus:

The promenade looked stunning in the sun

The fish and chips shops and bars of Paget Road had queues out the door, with many putting up signs listing what was sold out (including our favourite, the battered sausage!)

South Wales Argus:

Barry leisure park was packed with thrill seekers

And of course, the promenade, a hub of Barry, was full of people taking a leisurely stroll in the rays while looking out at the twinkling waters of Whitmore Bay and the stunning views across to Friars Point.

We say, bring on summer!