Washing clothes is a task we all have to do but if you’ve ever wondered if yours are being done too much, or maybe even too less, look no further.

Consumer group Which? shared a picture of clothing on a washing line to its Instagram account, suggesting how many times items of clothing should be worn before they get washed.

Which? posted the picture with a caption that reads: “Take a look at this before you tackle your next load of laundry - although we feel this is one that might cause quite a bit of debate! #laundry #washing #cleaning”

The items of clothing in the picture are all labelled with the amount of times they should be worn before being washed, according to Which?.

South Wales Argus: Which? suggests jeans can be worn between six and 10 times between washesWhich? suggests jeans can be worn between six and 10 times between washes (Image: Canva)

How many times should you wear your clothes before washing them?

It’s suggested that items of clothing such as underwear, workout gear and swimwear should be worn once before putting them in the wash.

A t-shirt can be worn one to two times while a dress can be worn between one and three times before needing to be washed, according to the consumer group.

It’s thought that a bra can be worn two to three times before needing a freshen up while pyjamas can be worn up to four times.

A sweatshirt could be worn between five and six times before needing a wash, similar to skirts which are said to need washing after between five and seven wears.

The item of clothing that Which? suggests can be worn the most before it needs washing is a pair of jeans.

The consumer group suggests jeans can be worn between six and 10 times before they need to be washed.

Instagram users react to Which?’s take on washing items of clothing

The social media post was correct when Which? said it could cause a debate.

One Instagram user commented: “That’s disgusting! wear it, wash it everybody sweats and produces dead skin”

Another said: “6-10 days for jeans, er no, 5-6 sweatshirt, er no.”

With a disgusted face emoji, a third said: “10 wears of jeans.”