THE bank holiday weekend is here, and the weather's lovely - so what better time to go for a picnic?

Gwent is full of fantastic places to go to with your picnic basket and family.

Here are some great places you can go and enjoy the beautiful weather - and have a picnic at the same time.

Tredegar House

South Wales Argus: Tredegar House and Park. Picture: Chris Gardner

Picture: Chris Gardner

You can enjoy the parkland around the house with plenty of space for the little ones to run around in while you set up your picnic blanket and relax.


If you want to get out into the countryside, then why not take a stroll to the top of Sugarloaf before enjoying your picnic close by.

There is a car park fairly close to the top if you don't fancy to much of a walk.

Old Station, Tintern

South Wales Argus: The old station at Tintern. Picture: Sarah Davey, south Wales Argus Camera Club.

Picture: Sarah Davey, South Wales Argus Camera Club

In the heart of the Wye Valley, this is a very popular place for a summer picnic. Once you've eaten there are some lovely walks to be had - and if you are lucky the mini railway may be there for you to take a ride on.

Biblings Bridge

On the walk from Monmouth to Symonds Yat, this is a great place to visit. There is no traffic, the bridge is great fun and you can relax in the peace and quiet on the river bank.

The Kymin

South Wales Argus:

Picture: South Wales Argus Camera Club member Adrian Mahagan

High on a hill overlooking Monmouth, what better place to enjoy a summer picnic.

Cwmcarn Scenic Drive

There are lots of picnic areas around the drive which have loads of tables and breathtaking views. It is perfect for couples or older families who drive and want a lovely quiet afternoon picnic/BBQ.

The Blorenge

South Wales Argus: Beautiful Blorenge, by Lynette Davies.

Picture: Lynette Davies

Sitting on top of this mountain over looking Abergavenny gives a dramatic backdrop to your picnic. You can sit on the edge of the hill taking in the view as you munch your sandwiches. And if you are lucky you may get to watch the paragliders enjoying the thermals.

Other great places for a picnic

There's so many, but a few include Usk Island play park and field, by the River Usk, just north of the town; Cwmtillery Lakes; Fourteen Locks; Newport Wetlands; Cwmbran Boating Lake; Llandegveth Reservoir; Wentwood Forest; Goytre Wharf; Caerleon Amphitheatre Keeper's Pond; and the sea wall at Goldcliff.

South Wales Argus: Fun: A day out at Newport Wetlands. Picture: Sarah Biggs.

A day out at Newport Wetlands. Picture: Sarah Biggs

The list is long, many of them are free although you may have to pay to park in some of the nearby car parks, and there is something for everyone to enjoy.

So, pack up your basket, grab your picnic blanket and get out and enjoy the beautiful countryside around the area. It is summer, after all.