A DERELICT lane in Pill that was once filled with rubbish and plagued with anti-social behaviour has been transformed into a colourful strip of artwork.

The lane next to Barnabas Arts House on New Ruperra Street used to be a hot spot for fly tipping and anti-social behaviour was turned into a place that locals can enjoy.

‘The Place of Wonder’ was created by 12 local artists who were selected by Barnabas Arts House owner, Janet Martin to help turn the filthy lane into an art haven.

Ms Martin, a board member of Women of Newport, said: “This lane was a disgrace, where all sorts of anti-social behaviour was happening that shouldn’t be going on in public.

“I have been living and working in that environment for a long time and often must clean things up before I open the door to my building and thought, if I inject pride into it then people would look out for the lane.

WATCH: The Argus went along to check out the newly transformed lane 

“I have even installed a camera so we can watch out for any anti-social behaviour in the area as I think it is worth everything.”

The lane features artwork from 12 different artists, including well-known local artists such as Andy O’Rouke and Consumersmith. Some of the artists involved came from Hong Kong, India, and Thailand.

The lane project was funded by the National Lottery Community Fund, through Women of Newport along with other businesses and organisations.

The artwork depicts an urban nature theme with different animals and scenery, and cost around £7,000 to transform with some of the funds from her late great aunt Phyllis Maud.

Ms Martin added: “Some of the funds came from my late aunt, so Phyllis Maud strikes again, and it has been a joy to do and has even made a difference to people who love in the lane.

South Wales Argus: Kamila Jarczak - founder of 'Women of Newport’Kamila Jarczak - founder of 'Women of Newport’ (Image: Kamila Jarczak - founder of 'Women of Newport’)

BEFORE: The lane was filled with rubbish and anti-social behaviour. Picture: Kamila Jarczak - founder of 'Women of Newport’

“They sit out on the benches at night, and they are so grateful that they are not leaving their rubbish out and are looking after the lane.

“There are even children playing down there which they never used to do, it was so dirty and full of rubbish, so it has been a huge transformation and it’s improving the environment.”

She told the Argus that the idea of the lane is to show things people might see on holiday in a park to give them a feeling of going somewhere.

“I wanted to show things of nature, we have several animals and greenery down there that we have seen an increase of birds flying down there which is phenomenal.


South Wales Argus: newsquestnewsquest (Image: Newsquest)

AFTER: Lane transformed into The Place of Wonder with colourful murals and benches.

“I feel extremely pleased to be able to mastermind it and with the various streams of income allowed me to do that and it’s been a sheer joy, I’ve had no financial reward as, my reward is seeing a dream come true.”

Barnabas Arts House will unveil the lane to the public on Sunday, June 18, at 3pm with live music from a bagpiper and food and drinks.