FARMERS just over the Welsh border in Herefordshire are concerned about the spate of sheep being killed by dogs. 

Police are currently trying to trace the owners after up to 28 sheep were called in Dinedor and Twyford, south of Hereford, between May 30 and June 1. 

"On Tuesday May 30, there was a massive police presence in the area with air support and police marksman in attendance but failed to find the dogs," said Dave Greenow.

"On Thursday, June 1, the dogs returned and killed more sheep and one was shot but not killed as it was mauling a lamb .

"There are clear photos of the dogs in question but, as yet they haven't been found . 

"As local farmers we are very concerned yet feel that someone might recognise the dogs and then we can put a stop to this merciless cruel killing."

Earlier this week, two of Jess Prosser's sheep temporarily went missing at her farm in Fownhope after being, what she believes, chased by dogs. 

"It’s clear that they were chased by dogs who attempted to attack them," she said.

"They managed to bash through the face and break the bath wire causing a very nasty gash on the ones face. I can’t tell you how relieved I am to have them both home safe.

"Yes they’re farm animals, but I put so much time and effort into keeping them safe and healthy. 

"We have had so much trouble from the public, we’ve had people cut our fences to allow their dogs into the field instead of lifting them over the style. We’ve had gates taken of the hinges and fencing lifted up. 

"We’ve had the sheep attacked by dogs twice and now again. They’ve also been chased by dogs several times without causing the sheep injury. 

"One badly hurt his shoulder which put him out of work for a few weeks.

"My ewes, which were all pregnant, had miscarried resulting from the stress of being chased. This caused such a huge problem as I’d already booked time of work to lamb, but they didn’t lamb till several weeks later. 

"It’s horrible to feel that my sheep aren’t safe on my own property."

Police confirmed sheep were attacked at Upper Gate House in Dinedor at about 9am on May 30, then again at around 6am on June 1. It is believed that one of the dogs was involved in both incidents. 

Meanwhile, some time between 10pm on May 31 and 6am on June 1, a sheep farmer at Lower Huntless Farm in Twyford - around one mile away - reported that his flock had also been attacked by a dog. 

The animal was not seen, but the injuries sustained by the sheep, along with confirmation by a vet, showed that they had been caused by a dog.

South Wales Argus: Police are trying to trace the owner of this dog after up to 28 sheep were killedPolice are trying to trace the owner of this dog after up to 28 sheep were killed (Image: West Mercia Police)

“These are very concerning incidents which are causing a lot of anguish and financial damage for the victims and we are working closely with the farming community to help them maximise security for their flocks,” said Sergeant Mark Jones, of West Mercia Police.

“We can only roughly estimate how many sheep have been killed based on what farmers have told us – we are aware of separate incidents of five, 11 and 12 sheep being killed at different farms so it seems to be as many as 28.

“We have a picture of one of the offending dogs and would ask that the owner or anyone who knows who the owner is to contact me on or call me on 07773 034427. The call can be anonymous if preferred.”