Harry Styles stopped his Cardiff concert at Principality Stadium last night for a pregnant fan.

The former One Direction band member was performing his second show at Principality Stadium last night (Wednesday, June 21) when he started conversing with fan Sian in the crowd.

The conversation between the pair started with Sian suggesting Styles should name her unborn child. 

Coming to the front of the crowd to speak to Styles properly Sain revealed she needed to use the toilet.

To which Styles replied: "You need to wee? You wanna go for a wee? You should go for a wee."

@daydreamingnic Harry talking to a pregnant fan Sian about naming her baby and encouraging her to go pee. #harrystyles #loveontour #loveontour2023 #concert ♬ original sound - nicola 🍒

Sian seemed reluctant to go, not wanting to miss any of Styles' concert.

But the 'Watermelon Sugar' singer insisted.

Styles said: "I think we all agree it's important for Sian to go for a wee, don't we?" (to which the crowd cheered in agreement).

He continued: "Do you know what I'm going to do this one time, if you go for a wee, I'm going to stall.

"Make some noise for Sian everybody, we're stalling.

"Sian, Sian, you won't miss a thing...if you hurry up you won't miss a thing."

Styles stalled by reading banners created by fans in the crowd at Principality Stadium.

Fans respond to Harry Styles act of kindness at Cardiff show

Fans were left in awe of Styles after this act of kindness in Cardiff, taking to social media to share their appreciation for the British pop star.

One Harry Styles fan, on TikTok, said: "How can one person be so frickin awesome."

Another said: "I love how he turns into a concerned dad when she says she needs to wee."

A third person added: "WOW I LOVE HIM."

While another fan, who was at the Principality Stadium for the concert, said: "I was there this was amazing he is so kind and funny."