AN MP has called for a “river restoration taskforce” to tackle the high levels of pollution in Wales' rivers.

Fay Jones, MP for Brecon and Radnorshire, called for the establishment of such a team during a roundtable meeting with Welsh Water to tackle the pollution issues in the Rivers Wye and Usk.

The meeting was to discuss Welsh Water’s manifesto for rivers in Wales and water quality more broadly.

The Manifesto for Rivers outlines plans for investment to improve river water quality whilst “acknowledging increasing public concern relating to the health of rivers and apologising for harm caused by its operations” – with the company promising not to “shy away from the challenges”.

Ms Jones said it had been a “good discussion” on measures being taken to improve water quality in the rivers Wye and Usk as part of Welsh Water’s Manifesto for Rivers.

“Measures to restore key river processes and improve on-farm drainage are important in giving our rivers an ecological boost,” said Ms Jones.  

“But this has to be accompanied by continuing research into the sources of pollution and ways they can be tackled particularly storm overflows.

"A joint water quality taskforce for the river Usk and Wye would be a really good way to push that.”

Ms Jones added that whilst it is welcome that Welsh Water are recognising the scale of the challenge other measure would be required.

These would include a restoring river processes, introducing boulders, and improving on-farm drainage and pipework need as well as continuing research into sources of pollution and ways those sources can be addressed, particularly storm overflows.