A TIN of Heinz Beans is considered by many as a staple of the British store cupboard.

The family favourite's catchphrase 'Has To Be Heinz' is a mantra followed by many households up and down the country.

Shoppers not wanting to make the switch to supermarket own-brand alternatives will be looking for where they can get the best deals.

With this in mind, we have visited several major supermarkets including Tesco, Sainsbury's and Asda to compare the prices of the beans brans with prices being correct at the time of writing. 

South Wales Argus: Here's how much a can of Heinz Beans will cost you at the major supermarkets. ( Newsquest0Here's how much a can of Heinz Beans will cost you at the major supermarkets. ( Newsquest0 (Image: Newsquest)

How much does a can of Heinz Beans cost?


Starting at Sainsbury's, a singular 415g tin of the branded beans currently costs £1.40.

For Nectar card shoppers, customers can pick up a can for 20p less at £1.20.

If you're feeding the whole family and a single tin won't do, the major supermarket has 'pricelocked' its four-pack at £4 (working out as £1 each for the same 415g tin).

Sainsbury's also sells the popular Beans as a six-pack and while it's £5.50 up front, it's the best value option with each 415g tin working out as 92p.


Turning to Tesco, a single can of Heinz Beans will cost the same as it does in Sainsbury's at £1.40 but there are other offers available.

Clubcard customers can pick up two tins for £2.50 (this is a 30p saving) with the deal being valid until July 11, according to the Tesco website.

The supermarket has price matched its Heinz Beans with its rival Aldi with a four-pack being available for £3.99.

It's only a penny less than Sainsbury's but as Tesco would say, every little helps.

Competition is tight between the supermarkets with its six-pack costing the same as Sainsbury's at £5.50.


Moving on to Morrisons, the supermarket is offering a single tin for £1.39 but it is also currently offering a deal to its customers.

When shoppers order online by July 25, they can get 2 cans for £2.50.

In other words, this works out as a 28p saving if you were buying the two tins outside the promotion.

You should be advised that this deal is subject to availability and the offer is restricted to a maximum of 20 promotional items per customer.

When it comes to the four-pack of Heinz Baked Beans, Morrisons is slightly more expensive than both Tesco and Sainsbury's at £4.49.

The supermarket is also offering a deal on this version, customers can pick up three fout-tin packs for £10 until July 25, according to its website.

Usually, three of the four-packs would set back shoppers £13.47.

Looking at its six-pack option, Morrisons is offering the cans for £5.49 and £2 for £10 until July 25.

If you were to buy them outside the limited-time offer, this would work out as £10.98 so that's a 98p saving compared to a £3.47 with the four-pack.


As for Asda, the supermarket currently has a deal on its single tins making it currently the cheapest place to pick up one can.

Originally £1.40, Asda shoppers can get the single tin for 90p but it is unclear how long the offer will last.

Asda is also selling its six-pack for £5.49 (which is actually 9p more expensive than buying them individually under the deal).

However, outside the discount, six of the £1.40 tins would cost shoppers £8.40 which means that they would save £2.91 by buying it as a six-pack instead.

On top of this, Asda is offering customers a further deal of two six-pack tins from £9 which also includes the classic Heinz tomato soup.

South Wales Argus: Here's how much a tin of Heinz Baked Beans will cost you at Iceland, Co-Op, Waitrose and more. ( Getty Images)Here's how much a tin of Heinz Baked Beans will cost you at Iceland, Co-Op, Waitrose and more. ( Getty Images) (Image: Getty Images)


We also compared how much a single Heinz Beans tin would cost you at Iceland.

According to its website, the 415g tin is available for £1.40 - but is available for £1.25 as part of the supermarket's multibuy price.

Iceland shoppers can also get two tins for £2.50 under this offer until August 7.

The supermarket was offering an online exclusive on its six-pack tins of beans but it's currently out of stock.


At £1.80, the Co-Op is currently the most expensive supermarket for a single tin.

It is also marginally more expensive than its other supermarket alternatives for a four-pack too at £4.75.

The supermarket doesn't appear to have any offers on the product online.


Finally, Waitrose has matched its prices with the majority of the supermarkets on a single tin and is also offering its customers one can for £1.40.

Additionally, customers should note that the supermarket does currently have an offer on. 

Shoppers can pick up two cans for £2 until August 1 ( working out as £1 per tin and saving of 80p).

The supermarket is similarly selling its four-pack for £5.50 and until August 1, customers can get two packs for £9.

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