Parents and carers can use this 'little-known' website to sell their children's old school uniforms and purchase new items from 50p. 

With schools out in Scotland and the rest of the UK soon to follow, school uniforms might be the furthest thing from parents' minds.

But they also know all too well that the summer holidays fly by and before they know it, they'll be scrambling for the back-to-school shop.

With the cost of living and the desire to shop more sustainably on the rise, Uniformerly is a 'little-known' website that parents and carers can take advantage of.

South Wales Argus: Have you used Uniformerly? ( Getty Images)Have you used Uniformerly? ( Getty Images) (Image: Getty Images)

What is Uniformerly?

Uniformerly is an award-winning online school uniform marketplace. 

The website allows parents and parent-teacher associations to give away, recycle, buy or sell outgrown uniforms. 

If you're a parent, you can make some extra money by selling your unwanted school items to other parents including everything from PE Kits to blazers. 

Pencil cases, books, and winter coats are also among the products available on the website.

Items range in price, with some being free or starting out at 50p,

Meanwhile, branded products can be picked for up to 60% off their original price.

Parents can also rent out certain items including football boots rather than buying them outright.

On the flip side, those who have bought an item from Uniformerly but their child has outgrown it can also sell it back to the website.

They'll earn cash back which they can use on their next purchase.

You can also use Uniformerly if you're from the school or PTA too by putting pre-love uniforms online and using the funds to support vital projects at your school

How to use Unifromerly

Start by visit the Uniformerly website and registering your details.

You will be asked your local authority, your school and whether you're a parent, PTA member or something else.

Once you're set up, you can put alerts in place so that you can be among the first users to hear about when your dream item arrives on the marketplace.

Since everything is local, parents can arrange collection in person at pick-up or drop-off and therefore, save some cash on postage too.

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