A SPECIAL purpose committee was held on Tuesday, July 11, to examine gaps identified in preparedness and response of the Welsh Government and other Welsh public bodies during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Although the latter half of the committee was held in private, co-chairs Joyce Watson MS and Tom Giffard MS noted the importance and seriousness of the committee and the work it would undertake.

Joyce Watson said in relation to co-chairing with colleague Tom Giffard: "We share a mutual commitment to respect our equal status as co-chairs to work together effectively to deliver our shared responsibilities."

"Co-chairing is a novel arrangement for a Senedd committee, and it will be necessary to provide clarity for committee members, staff, the Senedd, stake-holders and - most importantly - the public on how this will work."

In the private meeting, it is understood that a co-chair protocol would be discussed which (once agreed) would be shared publicly and will set out the committees agreed ways of working in respect of a range of matters.