LOOSE Women star Denise Welch has praised her son Matty Healy of The 1975 after he protested Malaysia's anti-LGBTQ legislation.

One of The 1975's concerts in Kuala Lumpur was cut short when Matty Healy complained about the country's attitude to LGBT rights.

In response to a video posted by a fan in attendance, Denise Welch said "He's my son" in approval at the protest.

The 1975 'banned' from Malaysia after Matty Healy kisses bassist on stage in protest over ant-LGBT laws

In a rant to fans in attendance, Matty Healy said: "I made a mistake. When we were booking shows, I wasn’t looking into it. I don’t see the f***ing point, right, I do not see the point of inviting The 1975 to a country and then telling us who we can have sex with.

"I am sorry if that offends you and you’re religious and it’s part of your f***ing government, but your government are a bunch of f***ing r*****s and I don’t care anymore. If you push, I am going to push back. I am not in the f***ing mood, I’m not in the f***ing mood.”

Members of the LGBTQ community currently face discrimination with homosexuals and those taking part in 'sodomy' receiving punishments of up to 20 years in prison.

Loose Women star Denise Welch's son went on to add: "Unfortunately, you don’t get a set of loads of uplifting songs because I’m f***ing furious and that’s not fair on you because you’re not representative of your government.

“Because you are young people and I am sure a lot of you are gay and progressive and cool. So I pulled the show yesterday and we had a conversation and we said ‘You know what? We can’t let these kids down because they’re not the problem’.”

“But, I’ve done this before, I’ve gone to a country where, I don’t know what the f*** it is? Ridiculous. F***ing ridiculous to tell people what they can do with their that and that [pointing to groin and mouth] and if you want to invite me here to do a show, you can f*** off. I’ll take your money, you can ban me, but I’ve done this before and it doesn’t feel good and I’m f***ed off.”

Later, Matty Healy kissed The 1975's bassist Ross MacDonald on the lips before playing I Couldn’t Be More In Love.

The band then exited the stage, informing the crowd that they had been "banned" from the country.