THE UK's top 'first world' problems have been revealed with our gripes ranging from the obvious and trivial to the tragically relatable and frankly, triggering.

From last orders at the pub to excruciating transport delays, new research has revealed the nation's top frustrations. 

While the country continues to face very serious and complicated problems, many of us often find ourselves focusing on the smaller day-to-day headaches that just get on our nerves.

A survey of 2,000 British adults was conducted by Altos Tequila as part of the launch for its last-minute delivery service.

South Wales Argus: From bad weather at BBQs to long queues, here are the top 20 first world problems according to Brits. ( Getty Images)From bad weather at BBQs to long queues, here are the top 20 first world problems according to Brits. ( Getty Images) (Image: Getty Images)

The service called Hot Lime lets users stock up on cocktail ingredients when they run out (also known as first world problem number 6).

Top 20 first-world problems, according to Brits

Whether it's the anxiety of your phone running out of charge or you've lived through the aftermath of a bad haircut, there's no doubt that at least one of these dilemmas have affected you at one time or another.

From weather to cancelled plans, here are the top 20 - where does your pet peeve rank?

  1. Bad weather during a BBQ – 47% 
  2. Slow internet access – 45% 
  3. Poor mobile phone coverage – 32% 
  4. Phone battery dying, and low battery anxiety – 31% 
  5. Friends and family cancelling on plans – 30% 
  6. Running out of cocktail ingredients, such as limes for margaritas – 28% 
  7. Beverages not being at optimal temperature – 26% 
  8. Pubs and bars calling last orders – 24% 
  9. Transport delays – 22% 
  10. Missing a parcel delivery – 20% 
  11. Standing in a long queue – 18% 
  12. Running out of hot water – 18% 
  13. Getting a bad haircut – 16% 
  14. Takeaways taking too long to arrive – 16% 
  15. Calls from unknown numbers – 15% 
  16. Favourite clothes no longer fitting – 14% 
  17. Not being able to find items in a shop – 14% 
  18. TV remote not working – 13% 
  19. Misplacing AirPods – 12% 
  20. Sitting in the middle seat on a plane – 10% 


Taking the top spot on the country's first-world problems list is perhaps the most relatable British summer grievance.

47% of people surveyed named bad weather ruining their summer BBQ as their go-to moan.

In second place, slower internet access took 45% of the vote with poor mobile coverage rounding up the top three on 32%.

Other grumbles that made the list included calls from unknown numbers, middle seats on planes and takeaways taking too long to arrive.

What do you think of the list? Are there any that are missing? Let us know in the comments.