WITH great power comes great responsibility, according to one of the most memorable lines in superhero movie history.

However, a video captured near Blackwood suggests that remembering one's keys might not be high on the list of responsibilities.

The video was taken in Cefn Fforest rather than Queens, New York and the subject - rather than Dr Octopus or the Green Goblin - was instead battling a small window.

South Wales Argus: Man in pants tries to climb through former pub window

Desi Jones managed to grab a video at the weekend of a man in his pants trying to gain access to a former pub through an upstairs window.

The original video sent to the Argus included the theme tune to the Spider-Man animated cartoon from the 1960s.

However, we don't want Marvel to set The Punisher on us, so we've muted it.

Cefn Fforest's answer to the Marvel web-slinger had eschewed the famous red and blue suit for a pair of non-superhero specific pants - and was filmed trying to squeeze through a first floor window of the former Stonehouse pub.

South Wales Argus: Former Stonehouse pub

The pub is, Gwent Police confirmed, now flats.

They also confirmed that the incident had not been reported to them.