AN ASDA shopper has shared five 'secret' tips that you can use on your next supermarket shop.

Eilish Stout-Cairns, a savvy customer from Newcastle, does her weekly shop at the major supermarket and has gathered five top tips that she uses to cut her costs.

"Food prices are still high with the cost of living crisis, but I’ve found a few ways to keep the cost of my weekly shop from being too extortionate," the Asda shopper said to the

The tips come as the co-founder of the money-saving community, Tom Church, issues advice on how to spot bargains at other major retailers including B&M, Poundland and Primark.

5 ways to save money on your weekly food shop

Speaking about Asda, Tom Church, commented: “There’s been chatter online recently that ASDA prices have snuck up.

"However, data from our supermarket price comparison tool shows since June, Asda prices have fallen.

"It’s still a lot higher than it was last year, but it seems we’ve passed a peak. That said, every tip to save money helps.

"Eilish’s advice - especially my favourite, the 25% off wine deal - can help stretch your budget as far as possible.

“One added tip is to calculate the distance it is to drive to your Asda supermarket. If it is more than 4 miles away, it may work out cheaper in fuel costs to get home delivery.”

Save £13 With Yellow Label Products

“ASDA’s budget range is easy to spot as it’s bright yellow! Keep your eyes peeled for yellow and you’ll find their Just Essentials range," according to Eilish.

She adds: "It’s great value and I’ve found it has a much wider selection of budget items compared to other supermarkets, including a bag of 20 Chicken Nuggets for £1.10, a 1.5kg bag of Chips for £1.65, a box of 24 Wheat Bisks for £1, a pot of Coleslaw for 50p, a 1kg bag of Mixed Vegetables for 85p, and lots more".

Eilish also shared that she has recently bought some items for a BBQ from the Just Essentials range.

South Wales Argus: Shopping yellow label products and using Asda rewards are among the 5 'secret' top tips. ( Alamy Stock Photo/ PA)Shopping yellow label products and using Asda rewards are among the 5 'secret' top tips. ( Alamy Stock Photo/ PA) (Image: Alamy Stock Photo / PA)

Eilish explained: "In total it came to £5.58 and I managed to get burgers, buns, cheese slices, lettuce, coleslaw, ketchup and a strawberry cheesecake for dessert.

"I compared the prices to branded and ASDA Extra Special items and worked out I’d saved £12.97 just by opting for the budget range".

Save 25% Using A Supermarket Price Comparison Tool

The savvy shopper also shared that she used the supermarket price comparison tool in the Latest Deals app to make sure she was getting the best price.

Eilish explained: "Doing your homework and checking prices before you get to the supermarket can end up saving you a lot of money on your weekly shop.

“For example, I recently compared some of the items on my shopping list and found that Quorn Vegetarian Ham Slices were cheapest at Asda at £2.49 compared to £3 at Morrisons".

She continued: A pot of Nutella was also well priced at Asda, only £3.20 compared to £4.25 at the Co op, and, a box of Frosties is £2.75 at Asda, and £3.30 at Sainsbury’s.

"On those three items alone, you can save £2.11 just by using a price comparison tool to find the best deal".

Get 10% Cashback With ASDA Rewards 

Eilish also suggested making use of ASDA Rewards which is ASDA’s loyalty scheme.

The shopper added that it's "similar to Clubcard for Tesco or Nectar for Sainsbury’s.

"It’s free to join and if you shop at ASDA you should absolutely sign up".

The customer continued by explaining that ASDA Rewards members get exclusive discounts and offers including the chance to earn 10% cashback on Star Products.

Eilish continued: "This will go straight into your cashpot, and once you’ve earned at least £1, you can transfer the money in your cashpot into Asda vouchers.

“Unlike some supermarkets, you won’t earn cashback on every item you buy at Asda.

"It’s only on specific Star Products, so it’s worth looking out for these in store and if you can substitute any for items on your list, you’re essentially getting a 10% discount on them.

The shopper also shared some of the star buys she has spotted recently including a tub of Celebrations, Gordon’s Gin, Cathedral City Mature Cheddar, Lurpak Slightly Salted Butter, Hellman’s Real Mayonnaise, Rubicon Raw Energy Drinks, ASDA Tangy Tangerines and more.

Look Out For 25% Off Bargain Booze

“Asda often has an alcohol offer on: buy six bottles and save 25%. The offer includes selected bottles with red, white and rose options, as well as prosecco," Eilish shared.

"There are usually lots of popular bottles included, for example, Oyster Bay Hawkes Bay Merlot, Oyster Bay Hawkes Bay Merlot and Freixenet Prosecco D.O.C.

“Obviously, the more expensive the bottles you choose, the more you save. Last time the offer was on, the most expensive bottle included was Ferrari Trento Rosé which costs £22 a bottle. x

"If you bought six bottles of it you’d save £33. But you can still save by going for one of their more affordable bottles.

South Wales Argus: Your Money Matters campaign logo

"They have plenty of options for as little as £4.99, including Hardys Stamp Merlot Wine and McGuigan Classic Pinot Grigio. You could save £7.49, which is still a great saving". 

Eilish also suggested that “it’s worth keeping an eye out for this deal, and in the meantime, they often have reductions on their award-winning own-brand bottles".

She shared that she had seen that Asda's Extra Special Sicilian Reserve Red - IWSC (International Wine and Spirits Competition) Bronze Medal Winner 2023 - is down from £8 to £7 a bottle.

Join Facebook Groups To Find Bargains

The Asda shopper also recommended to bargain hunters that they join the Latest Deals Facebook Group to find out about the latest deals and new launches in store.

She added: "Everyday, more than 250,000 deal hunters share their latest bargain finds and new releases. 

“For example, recently a member shared a picture of Asda’s new Barbie range spotted in store.

"Another member shared the bargain outdoor plants she picked up, including roses for 47p, blackcurrant bushes for 14p and topiary trees for 14p".