I HAVE such fond memories of devouring a solid bar of Toblerone with my family for special occasions throughout my childhood.

The classic triangle-shaped goodness made from honey and almond nougat always made an appearance in my house because it’s my dad’s favourite chocolate.

Come rain or shine it was always vital that either myself, my mum or brother had secured the goods for Father’s Day, his birthday or Christmas (but let’s be honest, he always had to share it).

Earlier this month, Toblerone launched its new sweet treat product, Toblerone Truffles and I’m embarrassed to say I was very excited to try them.

However, my expectations were certainly not disappointed, as I might be the first to admit I think the Swiss truffles have replaced the legendary Toblerone bar (I know, I can’t believe it either).

What is special about the new Toblerone Truffles?

When you get your hands on one of the boxes, you can expect a surprising “new twist” on the iconic Toblerone bars, combining their traditional taste with a velvety smooth truffle centre and familiar bites of crunchy nougat, all wrapped in a unique diamond shape.

In general, I can’t resist any chocolate truffles, as there’s something about the soft creamy centre that really floats my boat.

South Wales Argus: The Toblerone Truffles are all individually wrapped inside the boxThe Toblerone Truffles are all individually wrapped inside the box (Image: Newsquest)

The Toblerone Truffles had exactly that, plus I thought the nougat was more crunchy than in the original product – if you’re a fan of chocolate with popping candy or nuts in, this could be one for you.

I loved how the truffles looked as they are shaped in an obscure diamond shape, which instantly made me think of tiny Toblerone mountains.

I also found that as the chocolates are individually wrapped, it stopped me from attempting to eat the entire quantity in one, which I may or may not have tried to do before with the long chocolate bar.

There was something satisfying about unwrapping each truffle which made me feel like I was in the famous chocolate scenes from Forest Gump or Matilda.

So there we have it, I urge everyone to add a box to their weekly shop as I don’t remember the last time I felt so passionate about chocolate.

Toblerone Truffles (180g) are available to purchase from all major retailers nationwide from now for an RRP of £6.09 (retailers are free to set their own prices).

Toblerone fans can also visit toblerone.co.uk to purchase a 400g box of Toblerone Truffles which can be personalised as a special treat or gift for a loved one for £21.