Eligible households in Wales can apply to receive a discount of around £120 off their water bills thanks to a scheme from Welsh Water.

Cymuned is a "financial support offering" from Welsh Water - in partnership with Citizens Advice, Warm Wales and StepChange Debt Charity - aimed at helping working households struggling with the cost of living as it continues to rise across the UK. 

Households in Wales accepted onto the Cymuned scheme will receive a three-month 'charge free' period - where they won't have to pay any water bills, which equates to a saving of around £100 to £120 on their annual bill.

Who is eligible for the Cymuned scheme?

According to the Welsh Water website, households in Wales with at least one working adult qualify for the discount if they meet the following requirements:

  • They have a combined total income of £50,000 per year or less
  • Household bills exceed their income
  • They do not qualify for another Welsh Water social tariff or debt scheme

How to apply for the Cymuned scheme

The Welsh Water website reads: "Customers cannot apply directly to Welsh Water.

"They must first complete an income and expenditure assessment with Citizens Advice, Warm Wales or StepChange Debt Charity."

If you or someone you know is eligible for the Cymuned Fund all the relevant links to apply can be found on the Welsh Water website.

Other discounts available for your Welsh Water bills

Welsh Water has a number of other cost-of-living support schemes available to help "make your bills more affordable".

How you can reduce your energy bills

These schemes include:

  • HelpU tariff - helps low-income households by putting a cap on the amount paid on water bills. The annual HelpU charge is £291.30 (£124.01 for water, £167.29 for sewerage).
  • WaterSure Wales Tariff - this caps your annual metered bill amount so you won’t pay over a certain amount for the year, no matter what your actual consumption is. The WaterSure Wales cap charge from April 1, 2023 to March 31, 2024 is £403.31 (£166.32 for water, £236.99 for sewerage).
  • Water Direct Debt Support - if you're in financial hardship and you're in debt with Welsh Water, the Water Direct Debt scheme may help by paying your water charges and debt through your benefits. This means your arrears will slowly reduce, helping you gain control over your finances. The support scheme will also give customers a £25 discount on their year's charges.

For the full list of cost of living support on offer through Welsh Water, visit their website.

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