GWENT Police have issued an official statement after chasing a group of escaped pigs through a Newport housing estate last week.

The incident occurred in Lavender Way, in the Rogerstone area of the city - on Friday, August 18.

Five pigs had escaped and the drove was making its way through the estate.

Quicker than you could say 'chop chop' PCSOs from Gwent Police were on the scene and hot on the animal's curly tails.

So quick was the police response that you might think one of the pigs had squealed.

Luckily, the farmer was quickly called to save their bacon.

Responding to possibly one of the more perculiar statement requests they are likely to receive for a while, a Gwent Police spokesperson said: "We received a report of five loose pigs in Lavender Way Rogerstone, at around 3.55pm on Friday, August 18.  

"The pigs were later collected by their owner."

The curious incident of the pigs in the Newport housing estate has yet to hit viral status, but some will remember the Twitter (as it was) phenomenon of the '30-50 feral hogs in a Arkansas man's back garden' back in 2019.

In recent weeks, escaped animals have hit the headlines elsewhere in Gwent.

A neighbourhood in Abergavenny recently saw the police called to apprehend an escaped sheep.

The animal was reported by eyewitnesses to have started attacking nearby targets - including people - during its shortlived sojourn in Llanfoist in July.