Shoppers have been left stunned after finding a major store selling Christmas decorations more than four months before the big day.

Customers at Home Bargains called the chain’s festive move “depressing”, with one scrooge writing: “Who allowed the lunatics to run the asylum?”

The discount store was one of the first shops in the country to deck out their shelves with tinsel, baubles and even Christmas cards.

And a photo taken of one of their outlets shows two aisles overflowing with tonnes of red, gold and green items - perfect for the festive season.

South Wales Argus: How early is too early to sell Christmas decorations?How early is too early to sell Christmas decorations? (Image: SWNS)

But many of those who came across the yuletide offerings felt frustrated that the shop hadn’t even waited for thermostats to fall before pressing ahead.

Shopper Sarah Whitaker, 35, of Leeds, said: "It's not even autumn yet. The summer holidays aren't even finished and they're selling Christmas stuff, it's depressing.

"We haven't had much of a summer, but there's no need to rub it in our faces that winter will be here soon.

"It's just a bit weird having Christmas decorations up in the seasonal aisle when there are other events in the calendar we haven't had yet, like Halloween.

"At least let us have the summer Bank Holiday first."

Another frustrated shopper wrote on social media: “Home Bargains have got Christmas goodies on their shelves. What the bleep is wrong with people?

“Who allowed the lunatics to run the asylum? Us.. we all have.. obedience, subservience and compliance have allowed all of it.”

And another Scrooge simply added: "Walked into my local Home Bargains stores this afternoon in Scotland and two aisles full of Christmas stuff. Just ridiculous.”

However, not everyone was sad to see the decorations, with some shoppers impressed that Home Bargains was already bringing the yuletide spirit.

One said: “I got excited seeing Christmas decorations in home bargains yesterday I'm a big kid when it comes to Christmas.”

Home Bargains have been asked for comment on this decision.