Heathers The Musical

Wales Millennium Centre


To August 26

CHEERS louder than I’ve heard filled the theatre as an 80s cult-classic-turned-musical drew in the crowds.

Heathers The Musical did not quite fill the Wales Millennium Centre auditorium but, despite an empty seat or two, I would not be surprised if the roaring cheers were heard right across the bay.

Please read the following in an obnoxious movie trailer voice:

The musical, based on the eponymous 1988 film, follows Veronica Sawyer (Jenna Innes), a fairly unpopular high-school student of 17, trying to survive the complex social hierarchy of school.

She initially tries to do what any lonely girl would do and join the ultra-popular cliquey girls’, the Heathers. But when she falls for the new boy, J.D. (Jacob Fowler), things take a deadly turn.

Regular reading voice may now continue.

The cast as a whole performed very well in all areas - singing, dancing and acting. The stand outs for me though were Verity Thompson (as the incredibly arrogant and self-assured head Heather, Heather Chandler) and the two Jocks Alex Woodward (as Kurt Kelly) and Morgan Jackson (as Ram Sweeny).

Heather Chandler serves as a focal point for the show, personifying Veronica’s rising guilt. Thompson plays the arrogant popular girl very well and stays perfectly on key and on time throughout.

Kurt and Ram have a similar role in the show, but with the added comic relief of being just a couple of dim-witted sports bros. Whether or not they deserved their fate, as is a major theme in the show, they are the basis to what was my favourite number, the opener to act II My Dead Gay Son.

The dance routines were of consistent quality also. Fairly intricate dance routines performed in unison and on time which is always a pleasure to watch and really keeps the audience immersed.

I must always mention the quality of the live band also, as they were once again outstanding.

Heathers The Musical is a great production to see at this time of year, a sort-of blockbuster brought to the stage. If you have a teenager or are indeed one yourself, get along to the WMC and watch this show.

Maybe give the film a go too, it has Winona Ryder in it.