A NEW sign at Cwmbran Boating Lake reminds families that bread isn't the right food to feed ducks.

The friendly sign gives advice on what food can help ducks 'stay healthy' and warns that bread will make their 'tummies hurt'.

The tips are written as if a duck is talking to visitors to the lake.

The sign says:

"Advisory note:

  • Bread makes our tummies hurt and makes us ill.
  • Bread does not contain the right nutrition or calories that we need to survive.
  • It makes us think we are full and then we don't eat the food we need.
  • It also pollutes our water and causes surface algae, which kills our fish friends and gives us diseases.

"We stay healthy by eating natural foods like:

  • Oats, birdseed or other grain;
  • Peas;
  • Half cut seedless grapes;
  • Cooked rice;
  • Chopped lettuce."