ALMOST 200 workers could walk out of a major industrial site in South Wales.

At the end of August, workers at Dow Silicones in Barry, voted in favour of downing tools and striking.

Now it’s been revealed the extent of the discord at the site, with the figures of the ballot revealed.

The ballot was called at the beginning of August and is not just about pay, but about work-life balance, with many workers upset at shift patterns and the short notice in which they are called to work.

Unite the Union Wales called the ballot, with 180 people voting and 95 per cent said to be in favour of striking.

Now, Unite has until February to commence action – with no dates set as of yet.

ACAS talks (Advisory, Conciliation and Arbitration Service) are due to take place on Friday, September 8, to try resolve issues.

Dow Silicones, which only has four sites in the UK, one of them being in Barry, said its priority is to prevent the strike.

On the result of the ballot, Unite representative Richard Jackson said: “Ninety-five per cent voted in-favour out of 180 people who voted.

“No dates have been released, but we have until the end of February to commence action.

“We have ACAS talks scheduled for Friday where we hope to make progress resolving the issues."

Previously, Mr Jackson explained the pressures on work-life balance had become too much for some at the site.

Mr Jackson explained: “Right now, you have to be available for work at short notice which makes it difficult to plan things with family if you are suddenly requested.

“This type of short-term requests used to be used for sickness cover, but now it is being used to deal with workload on the site.”

Dow Silicones say it is monitoring the situation and taking appropriate measures to minimise impact on customers and the community.

What does Dow Silicones do?

Dow Silicones manufactures chemical products such as adhesives, sealants, lubricants and foam control agents

It also works in the areas of chemical and mechanical recycling.

The company has four sites in the UK, with one in Manchester, one in Birch Vale, north England, and one in Dewsbury - as well as the site in Barry.

South Wales Argus: Workers have voted to strike in BarryWorkers have voted to strike in Barry (Image: Google Maps)

Dow said: “On August 31, individuals at our Barry site voted for industrial action.

“Our priority is to prevent this and ensure continuous improvements in employee satisfaction and positive employee relations.

“We are continuing to engage with Unite the Union through a defined arbitration process.

“Additionally, concerns are being addressed through our UK participation forum. The forum requires the active participation of management and employee representatives from the workforce including Unite the Union stewards who address concerns.”

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