EVER wondered what it would be like to be lost in King Charles’ eyes?

No, you're not Queen Camilla - in fact you're a visitor at a brand new tourist attraction in the Usk Valley.

Farmer Will Land - no relation to the actual land - has found a new source of revenue, taking a section of his field and turning it into a maze is designed to look like King Charles.

This is the second year the maze has been opened on Park Farm in Llangattock - though it's the time it's been shaped like the reigning monarch - as part of a push, as Mr Land puts it, to make the attraction bigger and better.

The walls of the maze are made of corn crops - leading to its name 'The Amazing Maize Maze' - a victory for fans of puns and arable wordplay everywhere.

South Wales Argus: The maze, viewed from above.The maze, viewed from above. (Image: Supplied)

Mr Land, 26, says he always had ambitions to be a farmer.

“I had no interest at school,” he said, talking to Argus at the entrance of the maze, stating “I always wanted to be out in some form”.

He has run the farm with his girlfriend Lydia since April 2022.

Mr Land acknowledged the challenges facing modern farmers and the need to diversify revenue streams. Hence, he hit on the idea of the maze as a way of encouraging visitors to the farm.

The maze opened this year, and was designed on a computer and programmed into an automated tractor, which carved the corn crops into the visage of the man who once held the title of Prince of Wales, in deference to his relationship with the country.

It was just a week after the coronation when Mr Land began planting the corn in the field.

The maze is itself filled with facts about the King and pictures of cartoon ears of corn.

Your reward for completing the maze is a wooden swing for the children (and adults who are young at heart) and a viewing platform to enjoy the truly spectacular vistas, especially of The Sugar Loaf.

Tickets are £20 for families (two adults and two children), £6.50 for individual adults, and £4 for children.

The Argus has reached out to Buckingham Palace for a comment. In the meantime, those in search of a right royal day out could do worse than seeking out the Maze at Park Farm.