A SCULPTURE which found infamy in Chepstow has now seen its notoriety go sky-high due to a competition run by a local business.

The art installation was designed to look like a pebble.

However, after it was placed in Chepstow to commemorate 10 years of the Wales coastal path, it received widespread derision after it was pointed out that it resembled a "giant baked potato".

It has barely been away from the headlines in the Argus ever since - even spawning a festival soon to be coming to the town.

Back in July, Sweet shop Château Bonbon was soon on the scene with their Potato Pick n' Mix which led to the baked potato on tour competition.

Owner Wendy Taylor said: "Whether it’s Barry, Bognor, Benidorm or Barbados, just take a photo of it and post it or message it to us."

Ms Taylor said that the best photo will win one of "our fab Chocolate Box Bouquets".

Now, despite the weather, the summer holidays are over for another year, the winner of the Potato on Tour competition has been announced - and it was a high-flier.

"We have had so many fabulous entries that we have decided to give not one but three prizes," Ms Taylor said.

South Wales Argus: Potato on tour in cockpit at Gran Canaria airport

First place went to Lou Crown who managed to snap her baked potato in the cockpit of a plane at the airport in Gran Canaria.

"We still can’t believe you persuaded the pilot," Ms Taylor said.

South Wales Argus: Potato on tour in Mousehole

Runner up prizes went to go to Becca Hanson - "for the most artistic photo taken at Mousehole" and also to Shelley Herniman  - "for sheer commitment and effort for her photos taken on the M26 and all over Europe".

South Wales Argus: Potato on tour across Europe

Prize winners can pick up their winnings from Château Bonbon in Chepstow.

Chepstow Spud Fest are still looking for volunteers to help in the build-up to the event.

For more details about Chepstow Spud Fest, or to help out, call 01291 626370 or email admin@chepstow.co.uk