NEXT week's rollout of a new 20mph speed limit in urban areas across Wales has been branded "ridiculous" by Welsh Tories, who are now seeking to force a vote to repeal the move.

The new 20mph limits will come into force on September 17.

Speaking to BBC Radio Wales this week, first minister Mark Drakeford said that, despite the new limit reportedly costing the Welsh government upwards of £30 million, it "will save the NHS £92 million every year".

However, the Welsh Conservatives remain unconvinced.

They have now revealed that they will be "using much of their time" in the Senedd in coming days to call on the Welsh government to scrap the 20mph speed limits.

Shadow transport minister, Natasha Asghar, who recently launched an ill-fated bid to become mayor of London, said: “Opposition to Labour’s ridiculous 20mph speed limit rollout is getting more and more pronounced as we approach September 17.

"That is why the Welsh Conservatives will be using our opposition Senedd time to force a vote on repealing The Restricted Roads (20mph Speed Limit) (Wales) Order 2022.

“With Labour’s plans costing an initial £33 million and a further £4.5 billion hit to the Welsh economy, emergency services slowed down, and livelihoods at risk, we’re calling on the Labour Government to scrap this ludicrous policy."

This is in spite of Mr Drakeford's claims to BBC Radio Wales.

He said: "The emergency services will have thousands fewer casualties to deal with.

“In Spain (where the 20mph limit was introduced in 2019) – two years later they saw urban deaths fall by 20 per cent.

“There were also 34 per cent fewer deaths among cyclists.

“This will save lives.”

A spokesperson for the Welsh Government, responding to Ms Asghar's comments, said: "This is a policy which has received cross party support in the Senedd.

“Decreasing speeds not only reduces collisions and saves lives but improves the quality of life.”