A farm cow has become famous worldwide after a video of the cattle being saved from a sinkhole went viral. 

The video, showed workers at Witton Castle in Bishop Auckland save the humble cow after it had stepped a bit too close to the sinkhole. 

Workers shared that the local farmer called for help when he found the cow upside down in the sinkhole with its legs in the air. 

Coming to the rescue, the viral video showed three men tying a rope around the cow's legs as the tractor driver began to winch the cow out of its tight spot. 

Video of a cow being saved from a sinkhole goes viral

As the group begins to hoist the cow from its sinkhole, the Bullock remains calm despite the small size of the hole. 

The cow is seen slowly rising from the hole as the tractor gently places the farm animal on the ground before the three men untie the cow. 

Freed from the sinkhole, the cow stands up unharmed but slightly shaky and makes its way towards the other cows who appear to check the cow is okay. 

Posting the video on to Facebook, Witton Castle shared: "Witton Castle comes to the rescue with local farmer!  The Bullock fell into some sort of sinkhole which nobody knew about but is now absolutely fine in the field with his pals."