I read your article about the Wye bridge work (Argus, August 31) with more than just a passing interest because I lived and went to school in Monmouth in the 1960s.

I note that Monmouthshire County Council is delaying the work until the spring of next year. So I wonder if there is time for a little rethink?

Leave the existing bridge as it is for pedestrians and cyclists and if it is not already a listed building, bearing in mind that the original build was around 1615 perhaps it qualifies.

Then properly upgrade the Dixton roundabout at its junction with the old Hereford Road where traffic turns to go into the other end of Monmouth in conjunction with a new bridge over the River Wye to meet the Cinderford and Wye Valley roads on the other side.

I realise that it's not the cheapest solution to what has been years of delays and traffic congestion, but that Monmouth bypass is part of a vital and busy road link between Wales and England and I think that it should be a major improvement of a Welsh road that is long overdue.

A Greenhalgh