THE MINISTER responsible for transport in Wales has admitted there will be “tweaks” to the default 20mph speed limit.

Speaking to ITV Wales on Sunday, September 17, the day the changes came into effect, Deputy Minister for Climate Change Lee Waters MS said he had “no doubt” there would be adjustments in the coming months.

“People are anxious – it’s a big change, and when you start driving at 20 it feels really slow,” Mr Waters said.

“But we’re doing it because the evidence is very clear this will have a significant impact on saving lives and reducing casualties and making our communities feel nicer to be around.”

People in London, Edinburgh and Spain had consistently seen the benefits of reduced speeds while fears about the negative effects “just hadn’t materialised”, said the Llanelli MS.

Spain reduced its default limit from 50kmph (around 31mph) to 30kmph (19mph) in 2021.

South Wales Argus: “It will take a while for the bumps to be smoothed out and, no doubt, there’ll be tweaks,” Mr Waters said. “Some roads may be better kept at 30; some that are kept at 30 may be better at 20. This will all work itself out over the coming months.”

Welsh Conservative Shadow Minister for Transport Natasha Asghar MS has said the policy is part of Welsh Labour’s “anti-motorist” agenda.

“With just one day going by since Labour’s disastrous blanket 20mph speed limit was rolled out, the Labour Deputy Minister is already planning further changes to speed limits in Wales,” Ms Asghar said.

South Wales Argus: Natasha Asghar in the Senedd ahead of the switch to 20mph (Image: Senedd)Natasha Asghar in the Senedd ahead of the switch to 20mph (Image: Senedd) (Image:“I directly challenged this in the Senedd last week several times and the question was ignored.

“Labour will continue to wage their socialist, anti-worker, anti-road and anti-motorist agenda, causing damage to the Welsh economy and removing people’s freedom to drive their cars.”

A petition to “rescind and remove” the 20mph legislation has accumulated more than 57,000 signatures – far beyond the 10,000 necessary for the Petitions Committee to consider the petition for debate in the Senedd.