The fourth and final season of Sex Education was released on Netflix today and if you look closely you will see south Wales features heavily as the backdrop to the popular show.

Sex Education began four years ago and has become a huge hit on Netflix.

Netflix has revealed that the fourth season of Sex Education will be the last.

Over the four seasons of the show a host of locations across south Wales have been used for filming.

From the Wye Valley to Newport and everywhere in between, these are the locations in south Wales that have been used for the filming of Sex Education.

South Wales locations used for the filming of Sex Education

The Sex Education Chalet

Described as the "heart of the show" by one viewer The Chalet (Symonds Yat) overlooks the River Wye.

Although it is located in Ross-on-Wye, just over the Wales border, it isn't far away and could be a nice trip away if you are a fan of the show as you can stay in the Chalet itself.

One viewer did just that and Sex Education posted his experience to their Instagram account. 

He said: "Welcome to the Sex Education Chalet! Where the heart of this show has lived since 2019 and where it will continue forever.

"With the final season of @sexeducation coming tomorrow (Thursday, September 21), it felt only fitting to celebrate the location where it all began.

"This stunning Chalet overlooks the Wye Valley and is a true delight to explore! I became Otis and spent the night which was quite magical.

"Thank you so much to the owners who allowed my stay (scary on my own with 8+ bedrooms!), it was a dream come true to see how only the exterior was used for the screen with the show using sets for the interiors.

"Jean & Otis will always live here in my heart."

Newbridge Memo

The iconic Gwent venue had to remain tight-lipped for over a year about its appearance on the show, but upon its release today confirmed it did in fact feature in season 4 of Sex Education.

Newbridge Memo Venue Manager Ally Gibson said: “They were here a year ago, last October, so it’s been a long time coming. We can finally share the stills.

Ms Gibson added: “The response has been really, really positive, not just for the Memo, but that Newbridge itself has been used in a Netflix show.”

Redbrook Bridge/Duke of Beaufort Iron Bridge

The Redbrook Bridge located just out of Monmouth has been used throughout the show.

Redbrook Bridge is often shown with Otis (Asa Butterfield) and Eric (Ncuti Gatwa) riding their bikes across it.

The Duke of Beaufort Iron Bridge in Monmouth - which is "crossable and has some beautiful river views" - is introduced as 'the bridge' in Series 4, says Visit Wales

Browns Village Stores - Londis, Llandogo

Adam Groff (Connor Swindells) and Ola Nyman (Patricia Allison) can be seen working in a convenience store during the Sex Education.

This store is none other than Browns Village Store - Londis in Llandogo.

The Old Farm House Mews, also in Llandodgo, is where Eric and his family live in the show. 

Other South Wales locations used in Sex Education

The former Caerleon University in Newport acted as Moordale Secondary School in Sex Education

The lovely village of Tintern, and the towns of Monmouth and Llandogo feature regularly in the show, according to Visit Wales.

The school hall scenes at Moordale in Sex Education are shot in The Paget Rooms, Victoria Road, Penarth.

South Wales Argus: School hall scenes for Sex Education were shot at The Paget Rooms in Penarth.School hall scenes for Sex Education were shot at The Paget Rooms in Penarth. (Image: PA Photo/Netflix/Sam Taylor)

Newport International Sports Village is used to film swimming scenes on the show while if you fancy using the running track used by Otis in the show head down to Cwmbran Stadium, Henllys Way, Cwmbran.

Fairground scenes from the Netflix series were shot in Vauxhall Fields, Rockfield Road, Monmouth.

The Newport Civic Centre - a Grade II Listed municipal building - is featured in season four, according to Visit Wales.

Visit Wales added: "Symonds Yat also makes a number of appearances - it's a small village on the River Wye (on the England side), and is within the Forest of Dean, which straddles the border between Wales and England.

"It has featured in a number of other TV shows and films, most notably Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part I."