BBC Breakfast had to apologise to viewers this morning (September 23) after the broadcaster accidentally aired an old clip featuring Huw Edwards.

Huw was recently named by his wife as the TV presenter who was accused of paying thousands of pounds for explicit images and has since been suspended by the BBC.

However, in the studio today there was an awkward moment as an episode from Newswatch in 2017 was shown, with Huw reporting about Hurricane Maria.

After a few minutes of the action, the segment was interrupted by BBC Breakfast presenter Ben Thompson who said the incident occurred due to “technical gremlins.”

He informed viewers: "So you might have noticed, the eagle-eyed viewers amongst you, that that was quite an old episode of Newswatch so we will find the right one and make sure we can bring that to you a little later. So apologies, a few technical gremlins at this end."

Viewers were not impressed about BBC Breakfast airing old Newswatch clip with Huw Edwards

A flurry of viewers took to social media this morning on X, formerly known as Twitter to complain about the error on BBC Breakfast as many were not impressed.

One account said: “What’s going on at the @BBCBreakfast today? So many mistakes where the links are concerned.”

“The fact that BBC Breakfast accidentally showed an old episode of #Newswatch this morning means that people who complain to Newswatch about News will complain about this to Newswatch and I think the universe may implode. @newswatchbbc,” posted another.

This person added: “So BBC Breakfast mistakenly screen a 'Newswatch' from 2017 ? ...At least it made us all sit up !?#bbcbreakfast”

“So @BBCBreakfast had a mare this morning. They showed an old Newswatch piece and no-one realised until Huw Edwards popped up on screen and it was hastily pulled. Pure tinpot, critised a user.

Confused about the time, one tweet said: “@BBCBreakfast I thought I'd woken up and the last 5 years had been a nightmare.”