This month marks the one year anniversary of Liz Truss’ disastrously doomed 44-day premiership.

And how did the UK government commemorate this event?

With the unexpected announcement, at the very end of August, of a number of temporary school closures.

These affected schools were forced to close for risk of building collapse due to the use of reinforced autoclaved aerated concrete (Raac), the use of which officials have been aware of for decades.

So it was absolutely astounding to hear that the UK government did not have safety mitigations in place, just days before the start of term.

What the Raac crisis has shown, yet again, is that the Tories have no clear plan whatsoever.

It has been a colossal shambles and a fitting reflection of Tory chaos; from Truss to Raac, it is a government that is crumbling, and so too are Tory managed public services.

Latest figures of schools in England affected by Raac has increased to 174, while in Wales, the number of affected schools stands at four.

The stark difference between these numbers is evidence of the benefits of devolution.

While the UK government hasn't prioritised public investment for the last 13 years, the Welsh Government has had an extensive programme for the refurbishment and building of new schools and colleges, upgrading and replacing those that are most in need of replacement for safety and quality reasons.

Our sustainable communities for learning programme is delivering the biggest new school and further education building programme in Wales since the 1960s to address an ageing estate.

Of the 1,463 state-maintained schools in Wales, more than 140 schools benefitted from this investment under the first wave of investment, and 200 schools and colleges are benefiting from the current wave.

This, together with the fact that the Welsh Government has invested £203 million in capital maintenance over the last four years, means that local authorities and further education institutions in Wales have been able to address key aspects of maintenance to their schools and colleges.

This is a policy that the Welsh Government is passionate about.

Thirteen years of Tory austerity, short-termism, corruption and mismanagement have resulted in both the calamitously short stay of Liz Truss at Number 10 and the Raac crisis.

The Westminster government continues to fail, and more than that, they continue to fail to recognise their failures. In doing so they will go on to repeat them over and over again.