CHRISTMAS is still a little while off - but one mum from Blackwood has already started her festive celebrations, with an amazing display in her garden.

Hollie Trewartha suffers from emphysema, a chronic lung condition that means she has constant shortness of breath. The cold months can make her symptoms worse, so she has been decorating the house for her children in advance.

She started the tradition was originally during lockdown, with the aim of bringing some much-needed Christmas cheer to her young children, daughter Rylee, 13 and son Leo, three, as well as all the residents of Bryn Road.

And the displays proved so popular people began travelling from far and wide to see it.

South Wales Argus: People come from all over the country to see the displayPeople come from all over the country to see the display (Image: Hollie Trewartha)

With the family suffering from numerous tragedies over the years, including the losses of Ms Trewartha's brother and grandmother - both of whom adored Christmas - she has been determined to keep their memories alive by carrying out this tradition.

“I really like to make people happy, because that is what Christmas is all about," she said. "My illness – the same as my brother – means I can’t go out during the winter months, so it was important to me that I was able to start putting up these up now.”

South Wales Argus: Hollie Trewartha is bringing early Christmas cheer with her magnificent display

She added she was particuarly keen to share the festive spirit with her granddad, who can't go outside due to health problems. Previously, Ms Trewartha and her grandfather would go around the neighbourhood in a sleigh and visit all the children with gifts, but this is not possible this year.

She said: “My grandad and I are really close, and he’s got cancer, so I’m hopeful this display will help cheer him up.

“Christmas and this time of year has always meant a lot to us as a family, and especially since I moved back in with my mam for support after what happened to my brother, I wanted to really give everyone a lift.”

Ever since she began doing the displays in lockdown, Ms Trewartha says they have got bigger and better every year. This time, she has more 25 inflatables already in place, and still has more lights to put up in the coming weeks.

This year she has included a special mailbox for local children to post their letters to Santa.

South Wales Argus: The Santa mailboxes are a new addition this yearThe Santa mailboxes are a new addition this year (Image: Hollie Trewartha)

“I’m building up the display bit by bit,” she explained. “I’m not able to do it all in one go, so it’s a little at a time. At one point I wanted to put some decorations on the roof, but mam drew the line.

“My main concern is finding the room for everything. I think I may have to do some changing around to make space!”

Ms Trewartha hopes to continue making these astonishing displays for as long as she can despite her own health issues.

The display is on from 5pm unitl 10.30pm every night until January.