THE WELSH Conservatives are sending a van across the breadth of South Wales in their latest stunt to oppose the 20mph default speed limit.

The second largest party in the Senedd is sending one “ad van” from Wrexham to Llanfairpwllgwyngyll, and another from Swansea to Caldicot in the south, today, Saturday, October 7.

It comes as the party launches a survey to understand the impact of the reduced speed limit on families and communities across Wales.

Shadow transport minister Natasha Asghar MS, who represents South Wales East in the Senedd, has described the 20mph default as a “barmy regulation” having led an unsuccessful vote of no confidence in her Welsh Labour counterpart on September 27.

South Wales Argus: Welsh Conservatives

Prior to the vote, deputy climate change minister Lee Waters told critics the government was “listening” to criticism of the policy and working with local authorities to “help get it right”, declaring: “It was never going to perfect on day one.”

Speaking about the Welsh Tories' new survey on the matter, Ms Asghar said: “More than 450,000 people have signed the petition calling on the Welsh Labour Government to rescind their barmy regulation forcing swathes of roads to become 20mph on September 17.

“Since its introduction, the Welsh Government has changed its tune and is now open to more roads being exempt, thanks to pressure from the Welsh Conservatives and the thousands who have signed petitions, written letters or campaigned online.”

The digivan will be stopping at The Broadway in Caerleon at 1.15pm and Dancing Hill in Undy just under an hour later at 2.05pm.

The survey asks respondents whether they agree with Prime Minister Rishi Sunak’s pledge to end a “war on motorists” and whether the 20mph default in Wales has affected their voting intentions at the next election.

You can see the survey at