A HANDFUL of Welsh Conservative politicians came together in Caerleon today for photos with an “ad van” taking aim at Wales' new default 20mph speed limit.

Shadow transport minister and MS for South Wales East Natasha Asghar announced the campaign to coincide with the party’s new survey on the impact of slower speeds.

The party deployed one van in South Wales and another in the north, both displaying graphics of negative news headlines about the policy and claiming the 20mph limit “isn’t working”.

Ms Asghar opted to attend an anti-20mph protest outside the Senedd instead and catch the South Wales van on its final stop in Undy.

Among the attendees at Broadway in Caerleon was Nathan Edmunds – the Conservatives’ chosen parliamentary candidate for Torfaen.

“We are the party for motorists,” he declared.

“Labour councillors have been coming under a lot of pressure for this – it’s the start of a slippery slope for them.

“I think they will pull back a bit, give more leeway for roads to be put back up to 30mph.”

The Welsh Government say the slower limit will save lives, encourage active travel and make communities nicer places to live.

South Wales Argus: Conservative candidate for Torfaen, Nathan Edmunds

Kerry Sian Ballard, deputy chairwoman for Newport West Conservatives, went as far as suggesting the change could be the “rock that Labour perishes on”.

Also in attendance were Huw Davies, chair for Newport West Conservatives, campaigner and former candidate for Newport West Mike Enea, regional chair Bob White and Newport councillor William Routley.

One person stopped to speak to the group while they took pictures, asking whether 20mph was the “biggest thing going on” in Wales.

Mr White argued it was the “topic of the day”.