WALES' new 20mph default speed limit has divided opinion - to say the least.

The Welsh Government has said the new policy, which came into force last month, will improve road safety, but a petition calling for it to be overturned has collected more than 450,000 signatures.

Our readers have not been shy to make their voices heard too, with our mailbox overflowing with letters and emails about the new limit. Here's just some of the letters we've received.

Vote failed to pass

A no-confidence vote in the minister who led the introduction of Wales’ new 20mph speed limit has failed to pass.

The Conservative motion, against Deputy Climate Change Minister Lee Waters, was easily defeated by 42 votes to 16 after no other parties backed it.

The Conservatives want a lower speed limit around places such as schools and hospitals, but not elsewhere.

What about the surrounding streets where children walk to school?

If you want fewer children using the car, then these streets need to be safer.

It’s not just about children’s safety but the elderly and disabled also deserve safer streets.

You walk down most streets and they are full of double parking and some on double yellow lines.

How many people who put their views on the 20mph have driven faster than 30 or double parked?

It’s got to be the first time Conservative politicians have taken notice of public opinions.

There is talk of drivers going slow on major roads to demonstrate the 20mph law but again very vocal when the same demonstrators drove slowly to protest the price of fuel. So how can they be called the party of law and order when they pick and choose when to break the law or legally demonstrate?

Andrew Nutt


‘No say and no voice’

More than 400,000 people have signed a petition to be presented to the Senedd opposing the mandatory 20mph speed limit throughout Wales.

Unfortunately the petition only gives the signatories the right to have their petition considered for action.

There is no guarantee it will even be looked at, and considering Mark Drakeford is adamant that all motorists and businesses in Wales will be penalised by the idiotic/insane mandatory speed limit, the petition will simply be shredded, totally ignored, and dumped in the trash.

The Welsh public have no rights, no say and no voice.

S Lewis


‘Listen to the people’

The basic fundamental ideology of the Labour Party is social democracy.

Social democracy is largely defined as a form of government in which the people vote for representatives to govern on their behalf .

This leaves Mark Drakeford and his climate change cronies out of touch with the real world as they live in a bubble of misconception and self delusion, full of misconstrued self importance, isolated and insulated from the needs and requirements of the people they are paid to serve .

Listen to the people who have put you in the elevated and privileged position that you are fortunate to occupy.

It is the electorate’s voice and opinion that should be heard not yours. You are merely spokespersons on their behalf .

The people of Wales do not want a blanket 20mph speed restriction, but will happily comply outside schools, populated areas and anywhere else where it is legitimately required.

Let common sense prevail over personal self gratification and glory.

Listen to the voices of the people and reverse your inept policy. Admit that you got it horribly wrong and apologise to the nation.

Roland Granville


We should listen

With the increasing numbers on the petition approaching 500,000 surely all local authorities in Wales should now oppose the policy of 20mph (exceptions outside schools and hospitals).

I appreciate there are exceptions on various roads but this is not acceptable. The people of Wales have spoken and we should all listen, and let common sense prevail in the Principality.

Cllr Kevin Etheridge


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