A POIGNANT mural designed as a means to pay tribute to people who have served in the military has appeared on the side of a house in Abertillery.

The mural, which depicts a solider in uniform kneeling among poppies, has been completed just in time for Remembrance Day in November.

It stands just behind the community’s cenotaph in what is a very apt location.

Artist Tee2Sugars says the response has been “incredible” after such hard work from the whole community to make it happen through fundraising, both online and in local stores.

The brainchild of local businessman Bob Smith, the idea came to him in 2021 after seeing the wall behind the memorial was in such a state, with cracked paint and render. He was determined to do something to bring the wall back from the brink. 

South Wales Argus: The wall was in a bad state before the mural project beganThe wall was in a bad state before the mural project began (Image: Tee2Sugars)

Mr Smith said: “It struck me that it would be lovely to have a mural on the wall to commemorate our war heroes.”

The family who owns the house were contacted, and agreed to take part in the project, which cost a total of £10,000 all raised through community fundraising and donations.

Originally planned to be unveiled in November 2022, red tape and bad weather combined and ensured the work was only completed about four weeks ago.

Despite the obstacles, everyone involved believes this has worked out for the best, given the suitable timing.

“After all the delays, we knew whatever the weather the mural would be going ahead with a start date of September,” Tee2Sugars said. “I based it off a piece I previously did in Rhymney of a miner kneeling holding a lantern.”

South Wales Argus: Street artist Tee2Sugars said the reaction to his work has been incredibleStreet artist Tee2Sugars said the reaction to his work has been incredible (Image: Tee2Sugars)

The black and grey monotone style with a single splash of colour is particularly striking. Mr Smith said Tee2Sugars has done "a fantastic job". 

The mural was completed in just seven days and is now in place for Remembrance Day this year. The project had been undertaken with the full support of the British Legion.

Mr Smith believes the mural will become a beautiful part of Abertillery’s scenery and says the whole community is “over the moon” with the finished product. “It has been an absolute pleasure to help bring this to life,” he said.

The mural will now act as a constant reminder of every person who has served in the armed forces and is particularly relevant at this time of year.