DOG attacks in Caerphilly borough and beyond are an issue which needs to be "brought under control quickly".

That was the view of Caerphilly MS Hefin David, speaking in the Senedd.

Dr David was speaking as part of a debate around a Bill to Promote Responsible Dog Ownership.

There have been a series of high-profile dog attacks in the area in recent years, with the death of 10-year-old schoolboy Jack Lis hitting headlines across the UK.

Dr David welcomed Jack’s mum Emma Whitfield to the Senedd viewing chamber, while talking about the effect the loss of her son and also the death of Shirley Patrick had on Caerphilly as a community.

Dr David said: "I attended Jack’s funeral in November 2021 and the outpouring of grief and love was clear.

"My community of Caerphilly has suffered two deaths as a result of dangerous dogs and this work we are doing will make a difference."

He continued by praising the cross-party approach being taken on the issue, also commending Gwent Police and Caerphilly Council on their pro-active work in managing antisocial behaviour involving dangerous dogs in Caerphilly.

“We know legislation takes time and this is something that needs to be brought under control quickly," he said.

"Lessons are being learned."

“The LEAD initiative originated in London, but the work of Superintendent Mike Richards and his colleagues means that this pre-emptive, community-based approach has now been brought in across Caerphilly Borough.

"The actions of Caerphilly can be used as an example and implemented across Wales, in order to take control now”.

A Welsh Government Dangerous Dogs Summit will be held next week, during which they will meet with numerous stakeholders to discuss the issue of responsible dog ownership and listen to talks from a range of speakers on the current situation in Wales.

There will also be a Q&A panel session.