A NEWPORT nursery centre offering a 'nurturing' environment and 'high quality childcare' is praised by inspectors.

Tiny Tots Clytha Square has been given the overall grade of good, with all four of the main topics in an inspection - well-being, care and development, environment and leadership and management – falling into this category.

Inspectors found that all children settle in well and appear to have fun at the centre, with staff ensuring that each child’s opinions are heard and “valued highly”.

This level of respect is reflected in the relationships children form with each other, and in particular, the adults, with the report classing these as “close”.

Children are regularly praised and encouraged by staff when learning new skills, providing them with “confidence to play and learn”.

Where necessary, staff use strategies to modify children’s behaviour, such as “gentle tones, distraction methods and lots of praise and sticker rewards” which reinforce the suitable behaviour.

Children clearly look up to the staff as role models and adults who put them at ease due to their “responsive and nurturing” qualities.

Staff are thoroughly professional and allow their ideas for activities to be “led by children’s interests and developmental needs”.

By doing this, the children develop well and become well-rounded individuals who are interested in a wide variety of activities.

They learn important elements of the world, such as self-help skills and learning to be independent, which “prepares them for school and develops self-confidence”.

Children’s progress throughout their time at the play centre is recorded in an effective manner, allowing the team of inspectors to confirm if the children are being supported appropriately.

Environments are kept clean and safe for child use, including thorough risk assessments completed by the leaders, to whom the child’s health and safety is paramount.

Inspectors were satisfied that all necessary records and policies are in place and kept in an appropriate manner. All policies, including safety ones such as fire evacuation, are regularly reviewed to ensure they are the highest standards of safeguarding possible.

Toys and activities are purposefully designed to “stimulate and support children’s play and learning” with their all-round development supported by the time spent engaging in both indoor and outdoor activities.

Children are regularly exposed to outside influences to develop their own characters and interests, including sports, drama, and music groups.

Members of the management team are described as being “motivated and dedicated to delivering high-quality childcare”, which is reflected in the supportive environment they have built with staff, who feel encouraged to go above and beyond for the children in their care.

This warm, nurturing environment is reflected in the opinions of the parents, with many “speaking highly” of the centre and its staff and being thoroughly delighted with the care their children receive while at Tiny Tots.

The only minor improvements suggested were making mealtimes more social for the babies by adjusting the seating plan and to encourage the use of Welsh with the children in daily activities.