Shocking footage released by Network Rail shows reckless parents risking their children’s lives by encouraging them to play and pose for selfies on busy railway lines.

In one picture from security cameras at an unnamed crossing, a father of two boys appears to be taking photographs of an approaching train from the crossing.

The youngest boy has a tripod set up on the track, while the man stares down the camera lens for his photo.

Another shocking image shows a young girl posing on live train tracks while her father takes a photo.

Meanwhile, a young boy and girl are captured playing on the lines while their father appears to take a selfie and pictures of his wife.

In one terrifying video, a dad casually stands in the middle of the track while his two young daughters – wearing bike helmets - walk on the live rails.

The youngest girl then says: “Come on train. There’s a train coming.”

The shocking video compilation was released as Network Rail warn people about the dangers of playing on live railway crossings.

Despite Britain boasting one of the safest rail networks in Europe there have been a record number of near misses.

South Wales Argus:

Between April 1 and October 14, there have been 2,981 near miss incidents involving pedestrians on level crossings – a 31 per cent increase compared with the same period last year.

The whole of 2022 saw the highest number of pedestrian near-misses on record and officials fear this year's figures could be even higher.

Rob Wainwright, head of public safety at Network Rail said: “It is very worrying that so many people put their – and in some cases, their children’s - lives at risk at level crossings.

"We work really hard to educate people, especially school children, about the dangers present on the railway, and that is a message that needs to be reinforced day after day.

“I urge parents to talk to your children about rail safety and ensure that you lead by example when you are out and about.”